Patient 0020

March 28, 2007


Another panheaded self tapper but this time it’s got no slot


Patient 0019

March 27, 2007


A slightly oxidised screw with just a hint of a slot from where the tool must have just glanced the head

Patient 0018

March 26, 2007


A (strangely off centred photo of a) half inch roundhead with no thread

Patient 0017

March 23, 2007


Another small one with a double defect; the end doesn’t taper off to a point and the slot is ff-centre

Patient 0016

March 22, 2007


A small black panhead with no slot

Patient 0015

March 19, 2007


An interesting screw in its own right (with it’s intentionally thin shaft and ever-hanging thread) but our concern is, once again, the lack of a slot on its head

Patient 0014

March 18, 2007


A tiny brass panheaded screw with a blank shaft and without any slot. In fact, it may even be some kind of rivet I suppose but it did come out of a 1/2″ x 5 brass screw box