Patient 0043

April 30, 2007


Well this defect is so small I nearly didn’t catalogue it. However, I saw fit to add it to the collection back in the day so I’m adding it here too. There’s a small dent in the second thread up from the point; that’s all!

Patient 0042

April 28, 2007


Long bent and mauled

Patient 0041

April 26, 2007


Another brass screw that’s been left with a small appendage

Patient 0040

April 25, 2007


A long brass screw with no thread

Patient 0039

April 23, 2007


Crushed slot

Patient 0038

April 20, 2007


This one’s so subtle it hardly shows up on photo – oh well! The head is slightly flattened off at the edge as is the thread near the top

Patient 0037

April 19, 2007


Ouch! Looks like the thread had been started at the point end before some catastrophic incident occurred