Patient 0047


A couple of nice dents on the head where the screw has been pressed somewhere on the machine-line


2 Responses to Patient 0047

  1. elitist400 says:

    That looks more like a chip that a dent. I believe only cast metal chips like that.
    A cast screw? Must be old.
    Nice site, as a cabinet maker a deal with all kinds of screws and I think they are nifty.
    I also run across a mis manufactured screw about once every two weeks or so-I used to keep them but after 16 years or so I have quite a few.

  2. screwasylum says:

    Nope, definitely a dent. Check the opposite edge and you’ll see.

    As for your collection – Feel free to send the Asylum some photos if you get the chance. It would be great to show them off here to. Cheers.

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