Big Hi To The Something Awfullers

Just noticed that there are loads of punters knocking on the Screw Asylum doors from Something Awful’s General Bullshit forum. Welcome you lot. Lot’s of interesting points being made and opinions expressed. I hope you don’t mind me adding a few of my favourite quotes here…

“This might actually be the most boring weblog on the entire internet.”

“I don’t really know what’s going on in there but it’s vaguely soothing.”

“The Internet is full of passionate, quirky people. Righteous.

“No Torx heads? This guy must obviously be some kind of poser.”

“Pretty intriguing if you have little on your mind.”

“Nobody really thinks about screws, and he does a good job making the defects seem interesting. Good for you, screw dude”

Any my favourite so far. Twanki has taken the time to turn Patient 0032 into a tiny cycle rack! Right on brotha! If any more of you fancy doing some photoshop handiwork on the images then be my guest :-)


Just to clarify for the questioners and doubters, all f these screws are original, un-tampered and authentic. They are exactly as they were when I pulled them from the boxes. They are also all deformed screws. None are specialist or rare; all just damaged at the factory. Check the about page for more information. Thanks to those that have bookmarked or subscribed to Screw Asylum; you ain’t seen nothing yet; it’s a huge collection :-) Your friendly Screw Dude!


6 Responses to Big Hi To The Something Awfullers

  1. SA (Screw Asylum :awesome: ) says:

    A++ WOULD SCREW AGAIN!!(etc etc)
    But really a terribly interesting blog, fantastically original, i never knew there was so many different types of screws! (Threadless :O :O , With threads but with no slot :O :O ) My mind is truly blown.

  2. SAcrewed. says:

    This is the most incredible thing that I have ever encountered. Mind blown.

  3. evergreenSA:colbert: says:

    Seriously, screws aren’t exactly what I thought of as interesting, yet here I am reading this stuff. Pretty chill blog man. I’ll come back later after toking up.

  4. Fever says:

    Hey. Glad to see you like the thread. :) Loving the blog.

  5. Tom Andersen says:

    Should not all screws with a slot head be considered ‘screwed’? Up here in Canada, we figured that out a long time ago: SQUARE

    Plus: There are four sizes, and the screwdrivers are all colored to yellow – tiny – green #4 to #6 and the ever popular red handle for #8 – 10 screws. They work really well. You can put the screw on the driver, then let it go, and then stick it into the wall.
    –knobs turner

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