Star Wars Dolls

“The Screw Asylum. I suppose it beats collecting Star Wars dolls”

A recent comment that reminded me that the Screw Asylum has been quiet lately. A quick statistic check shows that hundreds are passing the secure double doors and entering at your own risk every day. We’re all still here and there are plenty of new inmates in the wings waiting to show themselves off. Stay tuned…


6 Responses to Star Wars Dolls

  1. Havanacus says:

    Whoa, I was probably going to take this site out of my RSS feed in a few more weeks…

  2. Aaah! I found this a year ago, but lost my link. Browsing thru my ‘this is cool shit’-mails, I found it again, but alas – it seems to be dead.

    Why oh why?


  3. MMSS says:

    Why no updates?

  4. rw says:

    What happend to Screw Asylum?

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