An lunatic asylum is a strange place to visit and a screw asylum is even stranger but we hope you’ll feel at home as you wander through the dark, paint-peeled corridors. We assume that you’ve come here because either –

a. You’re a screw admirer
b. You’re an insane screw admirer
c. You’re an asylum admirer
d. You’re a collection lover
e. You’re a admirer of generally strange objects
f. You’re generally strange
g. You’re a DIY nut
h. You’re a screwphile
i. You’re here by accident
j. Add your own reason here (in the comments field below)
k. *

All the patients are as they were when they were plucked from the box. They have not been medically treated or tortured for your curiosity and amusement in any way; that’s not how we operate here. The only thing you may notice is the odd patch of rust or oxidation; this isn’t through mistreatment on our part; it’s just through their age (many of the screws are now getting on to being 20 years old).

Although the patients are in the process of being catalogued, the Asylum is unfortunately beginning to reach its capacity. However, we are always interested in seeing more insane screws. So, feel free to email us photos, with its vital statistics if known (length, width, even you chosen name for the patient if you would like) and we’ll get them uploaded to Screw Asylum; we, as I’m sure everyone else, would love to see them.


Thanks for visiting Screw Asylum. Watch your head on your way out and don’t have nightmares!

* Here are some search stings that may also have brought you here –

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19 Responses to About

  1. alspix says:

    So can readers submit their own photos? If so I will search my jam jars….

  2. screwasylum says:

    Hey Alspix. Sure thing buddy. Go ahead and check those jars. Email them to the address above and I’ll add them to The Asylum.

  3. lotek says:

    Back in the late 80’s I opened a new 5 gal. bucket full of 1 5/8 drywall screws and staring blankly back at me were thousands of slotless screws. Not a single one complete. Industrial accident. That was the official line, but I say VICTIMS! Victims of some horrible, government screw/nail hybrid experiment, never meant to see the light of day! The sight of all of those poor bastards haunts me to this day. I haven’t slept right since

    …it is important work that you do here

  4. screwasylum says:

    Letek, I don’t suppose that you took a photo of it did you? You know that it would be a welcome addition to this collection if you did. Get in touch if you have.

  5. ryan says:

    I once found a nail which had a phillips head for some reason… it might even still be at the bottom of my junk drawer… would that be an appropriate submission for the site, or are you anti-nail?

  6. Ben says:

    Interesting.. How are the pictures released? Are they copyrighted or on a creative commons license?

    Might want to use some of the pics, you see…

  7. screwasylum says:

    Ryan, please find that screw, take a photo of it and email it over. You’ll be the fist reader to submit their own screw. History in the making :-)

  8. screwasylum says:

    Ben – All the images are copyrighted. If you would like to use any of the photos then please get in touch using the email address above and I’m sure we can work something out.

  9. Screwfan1977 says:

    Hey there

    I though you’d be interested in this screw I found that has NO thread and NO slot!! I guess that it just came out of the factory like that, but there seem to be a few the same!! Someones’s going to be looking for a new job!!!

    Great site,
    Screw fan.

  10. Snertly says:

    Dear Screwfan1977,

    Those are nails.

    See the planar surfaces of the points? See the pattern on the head which usually indicates that the nail is cement coated? Two or three penny, 1/2″ or 3/4″ cement coated nails.

  11. Nikunj Patel says:

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    Good day to you.
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    Thanking you,
    Nikunj Patel

  12. sharpy says:

    If you’re interested, I can send you a photo of an interesting patient: a null-hand thread screw.

    As you know, most screws have right-hand thread, tightened by clockwise rotation, the rest have left-hand threads the opposite, with the notches spiraling in the opposite direction. Mine, one of a kind, has the notches that don’t form a spiral – they form closed circles around the shaft. You can turn it as much as you want and it won’t move in or out the least bit. It took me a good while of futile trying to use this one before I figured it out.

    Contact me on my mail if you’re interested.

  13. Cliff Kaye says:

    I’m having a difficult time finding a 1/4 18 brass screw to fix my old American Standard shower. Where could I find four? A local guy said he would make them for $25 each.

  14. eugeal says:

    Awesome site!
    Taking care of poor, unlucky screws is a great thing.
    I always keep broken screws too and they have chances to become actors in our Stargate Sg1 parody called “SG1 Screw”
    So tell your patients that their lives are not screwed, they can still have a job as actors in a short movie :D
    If you want to check the site look here: http://sg1screw.altervista.org/index.php?l=en

  15. Clifford Kaye says:

    I posted on this site about a month ago regarding a 1/4 18 brass roundhead screw. Would anyone know how to acquire four of them? I need them to fix an American Standard shower…
    Best Regards

  16. Tornillo de Rosca says:

    Things that got me here:
    -an appreciation of all things ‘screw’ and all things ‘crazy’
    -my quirkish handimanliness
    -my ex-wife
    -a clinical pride of celibacy (wtf? dude, that’s crazier than sha!)
    -gas prices
    -high taxes
    -my sexy Latin pseudonym (Senorita, I am Senor Tornillo de Rosca. You may call me Tornillo.)

    Carry on.

  17. […] site is het hoogstwaarschijnlijk het product van een schroevenfetisjist: Screwasylum. Stem of voeg toe aan […]

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