Patient 0077

February 25, 2013


No thread and burr on slot

Patient 0070

August 5, 2007


Oh lord!

Patient 0064

July 7, 2007


No thread and a shallow off-centred slot

Patient 0053

May 25, 2007


Another abomination of a screw. There’s just no knowing how long this screw used to be or what it was destined to fix together!

Patient 0035

April 17, 2007


Must have got caught in the machinery somewhere. It’s been bent at the top and has a couple of small gouges where it’s been pressed at the end

Patient 0033

April 15, 2007


Strange one this one. It looks like it’s been cast rather than milled due to its all-over mottled appearance and rough deep slot

Patient 0017

March 23, 2007


Another small one with a double defect; the end doesn’t taper off to a point and the slot is ff-centre