Patient 0014

March 18, 2007


A tiny brass panheaded screw with a blank shaft and without any slot. In fact, it may even be some kind of rivet I suppose but it did come out of a 1/2″ x 5 brass screw box


Patient 0010

March 12, 2007


A nice little doubly defective pan-headed self tapper. This time it comes with a kinked shaft as well as a blunt point.

Patient 0006

March 8, 2007


A screw with a treble defect. There’s a slightly chomped off point as well as an off-centred slot with some circular dents on the head.

Patient 0005

February 27, 2007


An abomination of a screw. Who knows what happened here.

Patient 0001

January 3, 2007


Bent over self tapper with extra gnarliness on its panhead.