Patient 0062

June 30, 2007


Blunt end, mangled shaft

Patient 0049

May 19, 2007


Twisted and slightly mangled Philips panhead

Patient 0036

April 18, 2007


Another pan-head with no slot. I’m just showing you as they come out from storage

Patient 0020

March 28, 2007


Another panheaded self tapper but this time it’s got no slot

Patient 0014

March 18, 2007


A tiny brass panheaded screw with a blank shaft and without any slot. In fact, it may even be some kind of rivet I suppose but it did come out of a 1/2″ x 5 brass screw box

Patient 0010

March 12, 2007


A nice little doubly defective pan-headed self tapper. This time it comes with a kinked shaft as well as a blunt point.

Patient 0001

January 3, 2007


Bent over self tapper with extra gnarliness on its panhead.