Patient 0075

September 11, 2007


No thread and a slightly rounded edge around the countersink


Patient 0038

April 20, 2007


This one’s so subtle it hardly shows up on photo – oh well! The head is slightly flattened off at the edge as is the thread near the top

Patient 0015

March 19, 2007


An interesting screw in its own right (with it’s intentionally thin shaft and ever-hanging thread) but our concern is, once again, the lack of a slot on its head

Patient 0012

March 16, 2007


I know what you’re thinking. It may look like Patient 0002 but it’s not; it’s his identical twin! I’m just cataloguing them randomly as I pick them out of the box so it’s likely that this kind of thing will happen again and again

Patient 0002

January 12, 2007


Simply no thread.