Patient 0043

April 30, 2007


Well this defect is so small I nearly didn’t catalogue it. However, I saw fit to add it to the collection back in the day so I’m adding it here too. There’s a small dent in the second thread up from the point; that’s all!


Patient 0039

April 23, 2007


Crushed slot

Patient 0032

April 14, 2007


Super-deep slot. If you had a tiny bike, you could park it in this screw!

Patient 0028

April 8, 2007


A relatively standard screw with a little piece of the head gouged out

Patient 0025

April 5, 2007


Just when you thought you had seen them all, this one comes along. A steel screw that must have been caught off-centred in the thread mill

Patient 0024

April 3, 2007


Can’t quite work out what happened to this poor screw. It’s almost like it’s been badly cast rather than precision milled

Patient 0020

March 28, 2007


Another panheaded self tapper but this time it’s got no slot